What is Refinance in Property Investment? | 什么是房产再融资?

So, What is Refinance?

Basically, Refinance is a mechanism to transfer your existing Loan from Bank A to a new Loan in Bank B.

Example 1:

  1. Mr Alex Yoong bought a house / apartment in year 2012, and the price bought was RM300,000 during that year. Fast forward today in 2021, the market price is at RM550,000.
  2. Bank B is able to offer Alex a new loan at RM 440,000 based on market value.
  3. Bank B will pay off the balance in Bank A and close the account.
  4. The balance in Bank A is RM270,000, so Bank B will use RM440,000 settle outstanding amount at Bank A.
  5. So, RM 440,000 – RM 270,000 = Cash Out RM170,000.
  6. Alex Yoong is able to cash out from his property a total sum of RM 170,000.
  7. Alex is very Happy..

So, what can you do with the cash out funds?

  1. You may use to recover some bad debts eg: personal loan, credit card and etc..
  2. You may use the funds for next property purchase.
  3. Or, you can use the funds as contingency plan or reserve fund in Fix Deposit.

This is the idea and concept of many rich are using to liquid the property/asset value and multiply their net worth.

If you would like to restructure your portfolio further, , our team is here to assist you further.


基本上,再融资是一种将您现有的贷款从 A 银行转移到 B 银行的新贷款的机制。

示例 1:
1. Alex Yoong先生在2012年购买了一套房子/公寓,当年购买的价格为RM300,000。快进到 2021 年的今天,市场价格为 RM550,000。
2. B 银行能够根据市场价值向 Alex 提供 440,000 令吉的新贷款。
3. B 银行将清偿 A 银行的余额并关闭账户。
4. A 银行的余额为 RM270,000,因此 B 银行将使用 RM440,000 结清 A 银行的未偿还金额。
5. RM 440,000 – RM 270,000 = 兑现 RM170,000。
6. Alex Yoong 能够从他的财产中套现 170,000 令吉。

1. 您可以用来收回一些坏账,例如:个人贷款、信用卡等。
2. 您可以将这笔资金用于下一次购买房产..
3. 或者,您可以将这些资金用作定期存款的应急计划或储备资金。


如果您想进一步重组您的投资组合,,我们的团队将在这里为您提供进一步的帮助。我有兴趣了解 Refinance…

If you need more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at +60 11-5412 8160 or email us at [email protected].

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