3 Years Guaranteed Rental Property @ 5% Per Year
Nett price only RM459,000
by famous Main Board Developer…

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One of the BIGGEST Challenge in buying Property is Rental, Agree? Here are the common questions many have been asking us :-

  1. I worry no one will rent my unit after completion … 😱
  2. I am not in KL / Selangor, I worry no one can manage for me 🙁 😱
  3. What if the tenant cannot pay on time, anyone will manage for me? 😱

Worry Not…. All this worries will be taken care off and here’s why…

Hi Everyone, my name is Gabriel Lai, from Team Loan Genie (under Team AW), and I would like to share a special project with you that will take care rental income for you for 3 Years @ 5%… directly with the leasing team with the developer.


购买房产的最大挑战之一是出租,同意吗? 以下是许多人一直在问我们的常见问题:-



如果租客不能按时付款怎么办,谁来帮我处理? 😱



大家好,我是来自 Team Loan Genie(也是属于 Team AW之一)的 Gabriel Lai,我想与您分享一个特殊项目,该项目将为您提供 3å¹´ @ 5% 的租金收入…直接与 与开发商的租赁团队。


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Here, I would like to extend our invitation to you to join us In this coming 1.5 hours Online Zoom Sharing Session, where we will share a total 11th effects out of 13th Effects that we learnt from Sifu Dato’ Sri Adrian Wee.

Here are the topics and details we will be sharing on:-

  1. How to identify the next hotspot in the Klang Valley?
  2. How to find a self-sustaining township and have capital gain?
  3. How to exercise the rule of 13th Effects to find potential properties?
  4. How to Due-Diligence on developer?
  5. How to buy & select Sure-Win Property with Special Package?
  6. How to buy real estate with a zero down payment & fully furnished?
  7. How to calculate high rental yield with grr package

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在这里,我想邀请您加入我们在即将到来的 1.5 小时在线 Zoom 分享会上,我们将分享我们从 Sifu Dato’ Sri Adrian Wee 那里学到的第 13 种效果中的第 11 种效果。


  1. 如何确任巴生谷的下一个热点地区
  2. 如何找到自我维持性的市镇
  3. 如何运用13法则来判断房地产
  4. 如何考察发展商
  5. 如何购买包赢的房地产并有现金回扣的选项
  6. 如何购买包赢的房地产而且零头期和有提供全家具的选项
  7. 如何计算投资回报率


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