Property Refinancing

“The Best Key about Properties & Real Estate is that, You can Refinance Your Equity…”
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The Advantages of Refinancing

Cash out from your asset

Property Refinancing allows you to dilute the equity you have build over the years, and you can use the cash for next property purchase down payment, home renovation or cash for any rainy season.

Reducing of Bank Interest Rate

With the latest package and banks’ interest rate, you can enjoy the latest repayment amount with lower interest rate and longer tenure

Debts Consolidation

Sometimes we have bad debts that are pilling up over the months, How to settle it? By using Property equities, Debts Consolidation is the solution to settle off bad debts and peace of mind

Our Services Include

Property Refinancing Cost & Process

Team Loan Genie will walk you through the process of Property Refinancing and guide you through the entire process until approval.

Our Professional Support

Team Loan Genie are a team of experienced Property Investor & Banking Experience that can provide great support and solutions for all of your mortgage & property needs with advises and guidance.

Property Valuation

Property Valuation is the Key to getting higher Market Value from the Bank Institution. We will assess your property bank values from the banks top valuer.

Defining Bank Offers & Packages

Team Loan Genie will compare loan offers and package from choices of banks panels, and getting the best offers and package for members.

Bank Applications

We will do the work for you, so you have a peace of mind throughout the application process.

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