7 Steps How to Get Started for 1st Home Property Investment? | 7个步骤如何开始购买第一套房产?

One of our client text me message over WhatsApp and ask our team how to buy an own stay property for his family.

Due to some circumstances, he needed to buy a sub-sale property investment urgently and therefore his question was, How and Where to start looking for the property?

In this video, we share 7 steps to own your own stay property, and once you have 1 own stay property, you can start 2nd, 3rd and 4th property as an investment for passive income.

Hope this video helps you 🙂 Do PM us if you need any further assistance.


在这个视频中,我们分享了拥有自己的房产的 7 个步骤,一旦您拥有 1 处房产,您就可以开始第 2、3 和 4 处房产作为被动收入的投资。

希望这个视频对你有帮助:) 如果您需要任何进一步的帮助,请 PM 我们。

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